HOW-TO Stay Motivated

All those things you thought you would do if you “just had the time”. I have found that it NOT the case. Staying home the first couple weeks was so relaxing. I watched all the Netflix shows I wanted, ate yummy snacks, and had a bubble bath with a face mask almost every night. It was my way to decompress with everything that is happening in the world. However, now I am feeling extremely bored and unfulfilled.

While in full time nursing school and working I felt much more productive. I had a schedule that I followed everyday and a routine that made me feel in control and motivated. Now that we have been self-isolating for weeks now, this couch potato is about to retire and these are the things that I am doing to keep myself motivated and moving during my time spent at home.

Once this is all over and the world goes back to normal, these activities will still play an important role in organizing my life, and keeping me healthy, so I thought I would share these 10 things to give some inspiration to all you peeps stuck at home.


1. Make your bed –

Confettayy Seems like such an insignificant thing, but making your bed every morning starts your day off with an accomplishment and sets the rest of your day up for success.

2. Take your vitamins –

HeartI am notoriously known for forgetting to take my vitamins. I even purchased a pill organizer from Amazon to try and help me to remember to take them. It’s so easy to neglect your health, but especially with the virus going around everyone needs to take care of themselves!

3. Clean your room –

HouseClean, organized room = clean organized life.

4. Break a sweat –

Shoe Exercise is sooooo good for your body in sooooo many ways. Do yourself a favour and break a sweat today!

5. Cook meals –

Food Try to make something new everyday, experiment, get crafty. This is your time to up your cooking skills.

6. Read a book –

Book With Netflix, Hayu + Disney plus taking over everyone’s life, it is good for your brain + eyes a break from all the blue light and dive deep into a good book.

7. Listen to a podcast [entertainment or educational] –

Headphones (1) I love listening to educational podcasts while cleaning or driving to get groceries. There are so many out there you can learn something new everyday!

8. Drink 2-3 L of water –

CheersYou can’t go wrong with being hydrated.

9. Mediate and Journal –

Journal If you are struggling with your mental health, meditation and journalling can help ground you, which I think is so important.

10. Create a schedule –

ChecklistThis has been the MOST helpful change I have made since being in self-isolation. With no one else to hold you accountable for your actions, you have to hold yourself accountable. This is very challenging for me as I am a HUGE procrastinator. Blocking off my schedule by the hour has helped me actually get things done while having no school or work.

Hang in there ♡ – meg xx

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