Month: June 2020

SUMMER bikinis

Whether summer 2020 is going to be spent tanning in your backyard or safely social distancing at the beach, cute swimwear is an essential. Hope y’all have a summer filled with salt water/pool water/ bathwater + a lot of that good good vitamin D! -xo, meg

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Dainty GOLD jewelry

When choosing a piece of jewelry, I normally go for something simple, 14k gold + dainty. These are pieces you can pair with any outfit + never have to take off to shower or sleep. I normally don’t wear anything silver or white gold, but there are a couple watches that are mixed metals that…

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Healthy Hair

Some people are blessed in the hair department, however after dying my hair blonde one too many times and not taking care of my hair I needed to change up my routine to get back to having a healthy long head of hair.

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First year of nursing school

In the spring I completed my first year of my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I thought I would share my experience of workload, enjoyment + anything else I found interesting or helpful. This is my honest + raw experience from my first year, and I wish I had got some perspective into what nursing…

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Workout Outfits

Hopefully summer 2020 will not be cancelled, so I have been trying to keep myself in shape for the upcoming bikini season..(and for health of course….?) But anyways there is nothing that motivates me more than a cute + functional workout outfit. Rounded up all my favourite sets this season for you to shop! 1.…

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