Healthy Hair

Everyone wants healthy shiny hair

If you are more into watching a hair care routine, than you are reading about it – you can watch my full routine on youtube

Some people are blessed in the hair department, however after dying my hair blonde one too many times and not taking care of my hair I needed to change up my routine to get back to having a healthy long head of hair.

I have using a combination of routine and products to help fill out my hair line, give my roots a little boost in volume + get back the healthy shine that my hair used to have without the use of extensions.

Extensions can be a great quick fix to add some volume and I have some tape-ins in the photo below, but I find that no matter what type of extension you use, you always have some damage to your hair.

Three tips that I have been following closely for the past couple months

  1. Wash your hair 1 or 2x per week MAX – this takes a bit of training and you will have greasy, GREASY hair for probably the first couple weeks – month. So slowly ease yourself into it and now I am fine going a week washing my hair only once. I have a video on some hair styles that you can do to hide greasy day 3-4 hair – 4 QUICK + EASY HAIRSTYLES.
  2. Sleep in a braid or silk scrunchie – This brand is my favourite – .They have thin scrunchies, which are great for my hair as it is quite fine so thicker scrunchies are harder to wear to bed.
  3. Use a silk pillow case to sleep – This is life changing!! Not only is it great for preventing breakage on your hair, it is also so much better for your skin by keeping the moisture in your skin all night!! I found this brand called Lilysilk 100% mulberry silk and not too expensive. You can also buy them here on AMAZON.

Now for products

There are a few products that I use for hair care, and then a few products I use for styling.


Hair styling

And lastly, probably MOST IMPORTANT your cannot be healthy, if YOU are not healthy! SOOOO there area few things that you can do, eat, manifest for those luscious healthy locks!

Hair healthy foods such as the foods listed here are great for hair health. Diet + exercise play a HUGE role in hair health.

I also take these vitamins from HUM nutrition called RED CARPET and I’ve found these work amazing for the feel and shine in my hair!

Happy hair health peeps!

-xo, meg

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