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Welcome to my aesthetic

Workout Outfits

Hopefully summer 2020 will not be cancelled, so I have been trying to keep myself in shape for the upcoming bikini season..(and for health of course….?) But anyways there is nothing that motivates me more than a cute + functional workout outfit. Rounded up all my favourite sets this season for you to shop! 1.…

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Sneakers You Need

I live in sneakers, and now that they are socially accepted in most types of outfit combinations I thought I would share my favourite sneakers and how I wear them or style them based on my activity. I will also be discussing if they fit true to size, what size I ordered ect! I am…

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Spring florals

We are now half-way through May. Can you believe it?  Being stuck at home in sweat pants and a top knot has me way too excited to bust out some cute spring fits. With restrictions lifting all over Canada I am ready to wear these outfits somewhere more exciting than my bedroom! Let’s talk spring…

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Happiness is a BUTTERFLY

Butterflies are EVERYTHING, so you can imagine my excitement when they started showing up everywhere in fashion. From shirts, to dresses, to swimwear, everything is getting a little extra flutter this season. THE LOOK This butterfly dress from Missguided is so cute. It is completely sheer so I had to wear a tight nude slip…

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Amazon Kitchen Finds

Other than Ikea, Amazon is so handy for finding anything affordable from kitchen decor, to small appliances. With Amazon prime, it is literally delivered to your door in one-two days – this is what I like to call efficiency. As we are renovating our kitchen/living space, I thought I would round up the purchases I…

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Self-care Sephora Picks

With all this time on my hands, I have had no excuse not to be following a skincare routine religiously. I rounded up all of my favourite skincare products from Sephora. From cleansers to eye masks these are my go-to self-care products. Click on any of the product prices if you want to shop! Sephora…

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HOW-TO Stay Motivated

All those things you thought you would do if you “just had the time”. I have found that it NOT the case. Staying home the first couple weeks was so relaxing. I watched all the Netflix shows I wanted, ate yummy snacks, and had a bubble bath with a face mask almost every night. It…

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I have been thinking about writing this post for awhile now, and thought amidst all the uncertainty in the world right now, more people could relate to this piece. A lot of people are feeling very anxious or panicked in their homes so I thought I would open up and share my story, and things…

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Oversized Vintage BAND Tees

I live in baggy boy clothes half the time, so oversized vintage band tees are one of my favourite trends right now. Both vintage tees that are styled are from Urban Outfitters. They have the softest tees. I could buy every single one of them! The Outfits Since these tees are technically ‘dresses’ you can…

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